"we just happen to be old memories."
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I’m a thinker, not a talker.
- six word story  (via deadbaka)

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johnwemaus: Nice blog. Say, what inspired the monochromatic design?

hahah thank you.. but too bad to say that im already on a hiatus. :b

at first i was a colored blog every light color attracted my eyes, though i thought for sometime that even how colorful your world is, there are still things that are left unknown blur and misunderstood.. so i thought i could open up these misunderstood things into a beautiful scenery or simple things that may touch other peoples heart.. i was also inspired by my bestfriend to be honest. she has a way better blog than me. ^ ^ and also sometimes.. i just felt like isnt these bright colors too dashing in the eyes? xD i wanted to make it plain and dull thats all.. thanks (:

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I admit that i have been gone for so long.

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people who bite ice cream with their front teeth are on a whole different level

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Did you ever remember me like how I remembered you?
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I don’t insult people, I describe them.
- Unknown (via goldenruless)

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you think you’re a better kisser than me??? you think you’re a better cuddler? come over here and prove it punk

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if u copy me i will not find it flattering i will just really hate you

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there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me

it’s called the throne

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